New Writing Course

I finally did it, I’ve enrolled in a new writing course and am soooo looking forward to it. I’m hoping it will be better than the last so-called creative writing course I took at a local college last year, and was very disappointed.  This particular college runs evening classes but the general attitude regarding the courses seem to be that we are a crowd of people just looking for something to do to get out of the house for the evening.  This annoys me because I really do want to write.  I want to learn the craft.  These colleges are charging money for nothing, and where do they get the attitude that it’s okay to do this?  I once did an evening course in hairdressing where it became apparent the tutor knew very little about hairdressing, resulting in us all making a right mess of each others hair, under her less than expert tuition.  I remember leaving with a hairdo that resembled Rod Stewart on a very bad day.  My colleague was worse, she looked as if her hair had been cut with a knife and fork! Her lovely long locks had been hacked to within an inch of its life, she still shudders to this day when I mention our hairdressing days.  I’m not saying that all colleges are like this, or indeed all tutors, but this one college seems to be particularly bad for wasting people’s time and money.  So hopefully, this latest course will be good, (it’s at a more reputable college, I hope – fingers, legs and eyes crossed!) but if it’s not I will be demanding my money back sooner rather than later.  Watch this space…


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  1. peeversandpenguins
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 19:47:26

    Hi Allychat. I love your first post and as we are now almost at the end of the first term I hope you are very glad that you joined this particular course. For those out there who don’t know, I am on it too and have loved every minute. It is full of wildly creative people who write weird wacky and wonderful things and is run by a tutor who is fearless in encouraging us to let go, give what it takes, and take each others’ criticism on the chin. Looking forward to reading your stuff, and have you rip mine apart! xx



    • allychat
      Dec 05, 2014 @ 20:58:34

      Hi peeversandpenguins, I’m very glad I joined the writing course, it’s been super. You are so right, the tutors have been so helpful and definitely fearless! I have had my novel reading eyes opened wide 🙂 Don’t know what I’ll do for 6 weeks until it starts again. Does that sound a bit sad?? Have loved all the work and discussions, and meeting some very nice people too – who are not too unkind in their criticisms. Looking forward to tomorrow, remember to bring your glad rags for later 😉 Enjoyed the grub last week. This term has went in so quick, must be enjoying myself xx



      • peeversandpenguins
        Jan 01, 2015 @ 17:21:30

        I’m doing my homework – are you? 😦


      • allychat
        Jan 01, 2015 @ 17:50:07

        No I’m afraid I’ve been a naughty party animal and will have to start very soon – it’s so hard to work when I know its the holidays! :0


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