Christmas is coming…

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas again! Where has this year gone? I get all nostalgic and sentimental at Christmas. As usual I’ll watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” and cry (because I’ll be full of the red wine – it makes me sentimental too), and I’ve already written my letter to Santa. I think this year I’ve asked him for far less than previous years. Here’s my list:

Flower Bomb Perfume (largest one in the world please)

Armani Coat, (jacket and suit will be accepted to :))

Jimmy Choos (3 pairs please: black, red and blue)

Diamond Bracelet, (necklace and ring too)

Blue leather bag from Fossil (I also like the red, tan and black ones too thanks)

Rose gold watch with pale blue face (from Fossil), or any run of the mill diamond one.

Creme de la Mer (large)

A month’s holiday in Carribean (or three month cruise)

Couple of nights with Gino de Campo (well…he can cook can’t he?) and/or Leonardo di Caprio/Mark Wahlberg

Huge box of Belgian chocolates

A winning lottery ticket

That’s all. I’m not greedy, no really…I’d be perfectly happy with these.

Oh, all right then…a case of Chateauneuf du Pape (don’t know if I’ve spelt this properly, or even if I’ve spelt ‘spelt’ properly or should it be spelled? hmm…)

I love Christmas, up until about 14th December, then it gets frantic. Last year I was almost knocked down by a woman with severe trolley rage in Asda (but I won’t be there this year, that’s for sure). She was ramming people with her mad trolley but pretending she didn’t see them, then being all nice and apologising. I followed her (yeah, I know I’m sad) and she did the same thing to a woman in the next aisle. I hope she got a sock full of ashes from Santa.


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