Blogging 101 – I’m taking the challenge!

I’m beginning 2015 with the challenge of learning to blog. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years but always found excuses to put it off – but 2015 is going to be different! No more procrastination, this is the year for getting things done – grabbing the bull by the horns – facing up to challenges and so on…

I decided to start a blog because I love to write (blog posts, short stories, articles, jokes, philosophising about life in general and generally just having a good old chat with everyone else who shares my love of words written or otherwise.

I would also like feedback on any posts, stories I write etc. I love exploring old churches, ruins, historical places especially ones with eerie going ons, you know, like the White Lady, The Headless Horseman and such – although I really don’t want to meet any of them in person. Just being told the fable about them is all I want really.

I love stories; reading, writing, telling and hearing them. At the moment I write short stories and have had one published in The Weekly News and a couple in some anthologies. Hopefully I’ll do a lot more this year and maybe even start on that novella I’ve been promising myself.

Also I want to have my blog up and running with loads of followers; other people who stop by for a read and a chat. I’ve taken the Blogging 101 challenge to learn how to blog regularly, instead of the once/twice a year I was doing until now.

Can’t wait to learn all there is to learn about blogging and I thank you all in advance πŸ™‚


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. courteneynoonan
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 22:27:49

    I said this to myself last year, I look forward to reading your posts πŸ˜€ x



  2. peeversandpenguins
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 19:05:28

    You’ve made a great start. I have been in awe of one of our PhD students who has a really fab blog. It is on WordPress and is called Laurence’s Wee Blog. She is a Belgian living in Glasgow. I’ve been trying to learn from hers but her design is better than mine. I am going to book a session with her when she can spare the time.



    • allychat
      Jan 06, 2015 @ 20:36:31

      Sounds great, I’ll have a look. You can maybe pass some tips on to me cos my design is…well kinda plain, I want something colourful and interesting πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person


      • peeversandpenguins
        Jan 06, 2015 @ 21:37:38

        Mine’s plain too. Your name is great though don’t change it, it is nicely ambiguous Ally’s Chat, Chat in the Alley, Alley-Cat -loads of interpretations there. I think it’s really clever.


      • allychat
        Jan 07, 2015 @ 01:46:16

        Thanks Peeversandpenguins, I’ve kept the name but changed the tag to “The Rues of a Muse”. Do you like it or is it too arrogant or silly? πŸ™‚ x


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