Tailor Trash

Tailor. (this was in response to the daily one word prompt given by WordPress – Tailor).

It was late on a sunny Saturday afternoon when I pushed through the crowds at the local car boot sale, hoping to pick up some vinyl albums for my record player. I couldn’t wait to update my collection with some old classics; Bad Company, Thin Lizzy maybe even some classic 80’s pop tunes.

“Hey, I love the jacket.”

I spun around to see a wild-haired, bearded man smiling at me.

“The jacket,” he nodded. “My guess is it’s an original Yves Saint Laurent? Late 60s?”

“Yes,” I said, surprised he could tell.

“I’m a tailor and I love working with vintage clothes. They just don’t make them like that anymore,” he said.

Looking at his stall, I saw an ancient treadle sewing machine and boxes of coloured threads. The sign said “Stitched Up”.

“This is my Singer machine,” he said. “I still use this to do all the alterations.”

I laughed, thinking how time consuming that must be.

“Can I see your jacket?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” I said, taking it off and handing it to him.

I watched as he examined it closely.

“It’s stunning. It must have made quite a dent in your piggy bank,” he said, stroking it as if it was a puppy.

“Actually, it was my mum’s. I found it packed away in the attic along with some other nice pieces, but sadly, it’s getting worn out. Look,” I said, pointing to a bursting seam.

He looked closer.

“Not a problem,” he said. “I could easily fix that for you.”

“Really?” I said. “How much would it cost?” I asked, aware I’d only brought £50 with me.

“For you… I’ll do it for £20.”

“Great.” I said, relieved. “When can you do it?”

“I could do it now, if you can give me half an hour.”

“That’s so kind. I’ll go and collect my albums and be back around three thirty,” I said, checking my watch.

“It’ll be ready and waiting for you,” he said, with a cheeky grin.

It was a little more than forty minutes later when I made my way back to his stall. Turning the corner my stomach sank. The stall was empty. I ran over to the man two stalls down from him.

“Do you know where he went?” I said, gesturing to the ‘Stitched Up’ stall.

“He’s new here. I’ve never seen him before,” he said, shaking his head. “He packed up and left quite quickly. Are you alright Miss?”

“What have I done?” I said, biting my lip.

“You know, come to think of it, Ali from the burger van was talking last week about someone who mends vintage clothing,” he said, rubbing his chin.

I looked over to where he was pointing but the burger van was gone.

“What did he say about him?”

“He said there had been complaints about a guy who claimed to mend designer clothes, but disappeared with both the clothes and the deposits left for them.”

There was only one thing left to do. I took out my mobile and phoned the police, giving a perfect description of him and telling them that he was trying to sell me, what I believed to be, stolen goods. One item was a brown, suede designer jacket, the other was a diamond and emerald bracelet. Both items looked similar to articles shown on last night’s crime programme apparently stolen from a local antique business.

I heard he was caught in a local hotel later that evening. Both the jacket and the bracelet were recovered. I smiled. I couldn’t have planned it better; that bracelet was becoming too hot to handle. Now I could get on with the business of selling the rest of the haul.




Some tips for a streak free tan!

Source: Some tips for a streak free tan!

Some tips for a streak free tan!

Hi, it’s that time of year again when we feel we should be glowing with a healthy tan. But is there such a thing as a healthy tan? Apparently not, because to tan we have to burn our skin and that can never be a healthy thing to do. This is where faking it comes into its own. If done properly, you can look as if you’ve spent two glorious weeks in the Caribbean rather than half an hour in the bathroom. Follow these simple steps for a beautiful, healthy all-year-round tan.

Items you will need:

  • Exfoliator (I prefer the creamy ones as they moisturise too)
  • Body Moisturiser
  • Self Tanning Lotion
  • Tanning Mit or latex gloves
  • Loose fitting dark coloured t-shirt

How to get the glow:

  1. Get in the shower and exfoliate your body all over, paying particular attention to wrists, knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles
  2. Pat skin dry with soft, warm towel
  3. Apply moisturiser lightly to wrists, knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles
  4. Blot these areas with a tissue after thirty seconds
  5. Apply self tan beginning at the feet and working up the body, covering all areas
  6. Leave to dry for specified time (usually 5/10 minutes)
  7. Wear a loose, dark t-shirt for the next few hours or if going to bed

Follow-up tips:

It’s always best to go lightly with the first application so you can gauge how dark you want to go. If it is too light, re-apply as before, taking care with any dry areas. To keep your tan looking good, use a gentle soap-less shower creme and follow with moisturiser.

A really helpful tip if you have open pores on your legs, is to rub a bag of frozen peas over the pores to prevent those nasty little brown spots.

Always prepare your skin by removing hair at least 24 hours before applying fake tan and don’t apply moisturiser unless your skin is very dry (although ankles, knees etc usually need a little). As with all skills, practice makes perfect, so keep applying every 5 – 7 days, always exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and always moisturise afterwards to keep your tan in tip top condition. Now all you have to do is glow!




What If? – Challenge by Indecisive Eejit

The above challenge asks you if you awoke tomorrow with three new skills, what they would be, this was my answer.

Eh…that would be:

1) Make time stand still while I had a lie-in, leisurely bath, updated my fb page, put my makeup on, got the best parking space and still got into work before everyone else, sitting at my desk with a coffee, looking fresh as a daisy – and it was still only 8am, magic! Also I could stop time then change the winning lottery balls to mine and be a millionaire.

2) Hypnotise people to laugh at all my jokes, tell me I’m right ALL the time and vote for me in the next election.

3) Be a super, duper dancer… then Peter Andre and I could sizzle together on Strictly Come Dancing making the whole world and their Auntie sooooo jealous, yeah babe!! 😉

What would your three super skills be? Take up the challenge at:  http://okaywhatif.com/

New Year Overhaul – Get yourself looking Gorgeous!

Source: New Year Overhaul – Get yourself looking Gorgeous!

Hello…I’ve missed you all :)

Isn’t it funny how life just takes off and you feel you don’t have a minute? I have wanted…needed…to post for weeks but found myself chasing my tail (I did tell you I had a tail, right?) it’s so easy to forget about it till I’m contented and happy…and then I feel it wagging! Anyway I managed to get some painting done (no I’m not an artist, not that kind of painting…house painting…walls, doors, floors…obviously the floors were a mistake but I quite like the white spotty look on the laminates – its different!) I also have a cat with a rather cute black gloss streak down his white and ginger coat – he looks more like a badger now. So the decorating should have taken a few days…four at most, but it went on and on and on. I finally finished last night…well I suppose finished is the wrong word…I finally gave up and phoned a painter friend to help out. I regretted it soon after when I showed him into the room where I’d attempted to ragroll the walls, and he screamed…yes screamed with laughter. He asked if I’d used the cat to do it! Charlie Boy had obviously rubbed himself up against the wall (probably trying to remove the black gloss) and was now a lovely shade of powder blue. When I set out to do these things I have good intentions and am sure it’s going to be amazing, but people don’t seem to appreciate my creative skills. I remember a few years ago I told my brother I would cut his hair. Half way through I got incredibly bored and realised it wasn’t as easy as I’d first thought, So I put a hat on him to cover the bald patches and took him to the barber’s. The barber took one look at him and asked if I’d cut his hair with a knife and fork! Some people just don’t appreciate creativity. As my old mate Elbert Hubbard used to say ‘There is no failure except in no longer trying.’ Anyone looking for a hairdresser or painter? 🙂

These foolish things…

There I was going through life at a nice easy pace, even stealing a minute to observe the hail/wind/rain/snow/freezing ice and feeling soooo chilled, thinking yeah 2015’s gonna be a calm dude:) no sooner had the thought surfaced when…wham! It all went bottoms up! I mean, literally. I pulled on my winter coat and boots, left the house and skidded all the way down our street on a giant conveyer belt type of black ice. I saw a neighbour watching me from her window with a look of utter surprise on her face, as I did a pathetic sequence of a cross between the Riverdance and Fred Astaire kicks, as I battled to keep my balance. I did the whole shebang, forward kicks, slide, sideways kicks, slide and the rapid backward kicks before the bonnet of a Ford Fiesta broke my fall. Luckily it was parked and no-one was in it. Phew! My pride intact, I peeled my cheeks (?) off the frozen windscreen, and turned and gave the neighbour a little giggle and wave, as if I’d done it purely for the entertainment factor. She gave me a pitiful look, the same look she gave me a couple of weeks ago, when I was waiting for a bus and being a great believer in using every minute constructively, I reached into my bag and taking out my lippy I swished it around my lips. When I looked up she was staring at me, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. I thought she was seriously impressed at my ability to apply lippy without a mirror, but then I felt my lips sticking together and they tasted vile. I tried to rub them with a tissue and soon I had bits of fluff and tissue stuck to my lips. Reaching into my bag I looked for the lipstick and found I’d actually applied my …Pritt (glue) stick! Yeeuch!

STOP PRESS** Some good news: I have been nominated for a couple of Awards, which I will try and complete along with my assignments over the next few days and thank you to all who nominated me.

I’ll leave you with a little thought: Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow! Mark Twain 🙂

Serenity – My Idea of Heaven

I think the closest I’ve been to Serenity, is when my Philosophy Class and I visited Tuscany a few years ago. I’ll never forget the Independence House we lived in, in the hills near Lucca. It has to be one of the most peaceful, serene and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. The scenery from the hills was stunning, you could ‘hear’ the silence. In the morning we would meditate, then have breakfast. If you were an early bird, you could practice Yoga before the meditation, I didn’t quite make that but it was a lovely start to the day. We visited the ancient mountain village of Volterra, with it’s rustic beauty, San Gimignano an ancient medieval town (which bears a striking resemblance to the streets in the Pinnochio film), and the stunning towns of Lucca, Siena and Florence. As you can imagine, the warm October days spent in stunning cathedrals/museums left us

Serenity - A Glass of Red and this view - Ahh! Chillax :)

Serenity – A Glass of Red and this view – Ahh! Chillax 🙂 

over-awed and in just the right mood for savouring the local pasta’s and delectable wines.

In Lucca we attended a ‘mini’ Puccini concert with a taste of his most famous opera’s. It was truly amazing ❤

The days we spent in the Independence House and substantial gardens were magical.Every day at mid-day the Cathedral bell would ring. A single peal at intervals for a couple of minutes reverberated through the town and surrounding hills. I remember sitting in the garden, looking out over rolling hills and cypress trees and thinking; if ever I imagined what heaven would be like – this must be pretty close to it. Ah Serenity at it’s best!

Oh and the Ice-Cream was amazing too! 🙂


New Year Overhaul – Get yourself looking Gorgeous!

Here’s a couple of tips to get you feeling back to your gorgeous self! With the very cold winds, my skin was feeling dry and scaly, (eew not a good feeling, not for me nor anyone else who wants to get amorous around the Allychat ;0) So here’s my tips for finding your way back to femme fatale or the male equivalent! First and foremost you need to begin with the basics. That means setting up a basic skincare routine that will keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

How to: Skincare

If you think you don’t have time to look after your skin, this simple skincare guide may make you think again. Taking only 5 minutes morning and evening, this quick and effective skin care routine will show you how to get your skin glowing with radiance in a few short weeks. Skin is a living organ, and learning how to care for it now will pay dividends by enabling you to enjoy healthy, radiant skin to middle age and beyond. The following skincare routine will ensure your skin stays in tip top condition, and you can adjust it to suit your skin’s needs. Keeping it simple allows it to be incorporated into even the busiest schedules or lifestyles. It could be the most rewarding five minutes of your day.

Tools you need for a Basic Skincare Routine

Gather together the following:

  • Cotton pads
  • Cleansing cream
  • Skin toner
  • Tissues
  • Moisturiser

Method of Skincare Application

  1. Apply cleansing lotion to the skin, gently working into the contours of your face, paying particular attention to the oily areas around the nose and chin. Remove with damp cotton pads. (Repeat this procedure if removing makeup at night or if you want a very deep cleanse)
  2. Soak cotton pads with toning lotion, choose one suited to your particular skin type, or use natural or homemade ones, such as rosewater for sensitive and dry skins, or witch hazel for oily skins or areas. Apply to skin.
  3. Gently dab skin dry with a tissue
  4. Warm some moisturiser in the palms of your hands and gently press into skin on face and neck.  To protect your skin from the elements, choose a daytime moisturiser that contains an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15+, SPF should be used to avoid weather beaten skin. This will prevent unsightly sun and wind damage and keep the skin supple.

You can enhance this skincare routine by exfoliating the skin once or twice a week, this will get rid of any deep down grime and slough off dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, younger looking skin. You can use an exfoliating facial wash/cream or you can make you own by mixing together a dessert spoon of thick, rich moisturiser with a half teaspoon of sugar, Mix it together till creamy then gently work into skin for a couple of minutes, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Work it over the skin gently, as the skin heats you can apply a firmer pressure. Rinse with warm water whilst keeping eyes closed. For ultimate benefit, always choose products that are natural or/and organic.

Practice this effective 5 minute skincare routine, twice daily to reveal a nourished, healthy looking complexion that not only glows with good health but helps keep those nasty pimples at bay. The exfoliation (No.5) should be used once a week.

❤ your skin!

Inspired by the Neighbours – Blogging 101

Well today we were to comment on and link to a blog we connected to yesterday. That was difficult – having to choose only one which inspired me, but the one I finally decided on was this one:


Annette inspired me with her use of watercolours and the lovely animals she’s drawn. They seem to come alive on the page with a wise, thoughtful expression or as she calls it the Art-itude she gives them. It’s a lovely site and the paintings are beautiful. I’m aiming to be a regular visitor there, and a lot of the others I’ve found, which I’ve been inspired by too, but I’m sure you’ll love Annette’s. Her website page says: ‘Farm Animals with A Watercolour Art-itude’, and they certainly do have that. I thinks it’s a really original idea – to paint farmyard animals in stunning watercolours.

I wanted to paint so I took the subject at school. I knew I wasn’t any good when the teacher studied a painting I’d done, then took me to the side and asked, “Why are you here? Why did you choose Art?” I tell you I was crushed. Wasn’t it plainly obvious why I had chosen Art? Because I LURVED ❤ ❤ him with all of my 15 year old heart and hormones.To think that he didn’t realise how big a crush I had on him, was disappointing. So all those little smirks he gave me weren’t because he secretly liked me too, they were because he thought my drawings were funny; smirk-worthy funny! I happened to like all the matchstick men, women and dogs I drew. They had a certain, well, simplicity to them. He didn’t believe me when I said probably some of the best painters started off drawing matchstick men. He said, “Yeah, maybe when they were 4 or 5 but you’re nearly 16,” Okay, so I was a late developer. I think matchstick figures have a certain elegance to them…a simplicity (just like me?) Let me know what (or who) inspired you, and why 🙂

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