Tailor Trash

Tailor. (this was in response to the daily one word prompt given by WordPress – Tailor).

It was late on a sunny Saturday afternoon when I pushed through the crowds at the local car boot sale, hoping to pick up some vinyl albums for my record player. I couldn’t wait to update my collection with some old classics; Bad Company, Thin Lizzy maybe even some classic 80’s pop tunes.

“Hey, I love the jacket.”

I spun around to see a wild-haired, bearded man smiling at me.

“The jacket,” he nodded. “My guess is it’s an original Yves Saint Laurent? Late 60s?”

“Yes,” I said, surprised he could tell.

“I’m a tailor and I love working with vintage clothes. They just don’t make them like that anymore,” he said.

Looking at his stall, I saw an ancient treadle sewing machine and boxes of coloured threads. The sign said “Stitched Up”.

“This is my Singer machine,” he said. “I still use this to do all the alterations.”

I laughed, thinking how time consuming that must be.

“Can I see your jacket?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” I said, taking it off and handing it to him.

I watched as he examined it closely.

“It’s stunning. It must have made quite a dent in your piggy bank,” he said, stroking it as if it was a puppy.

“Actually, it was my mum’s. I found it packed away in the attic along with some other nice pieces, but sadly, it’s getting worn out. Look,” I said, pointing to a bursting seam.

He looked closer.

“Not a problem,” he said. “I could easily fix that for you.”

“Really?” I said. “How much would it cost?” I asked, aware I’d only brought £50 with me.

“For you… I’ll do it for £20.”

“Great.” I said, relieved. “When can you do it?”

“I could do it now, if you can give me half an hour.”

“That’s so kind. I’ll go and collect my albums and be back around three thirty,” I said, checking my watch.

“It’ll be ready and waiting for you,” he said, with a cheeky grin.

It was a little more than forty minutes later when I made my way back to his stall. Turning the corner my stomach sank. The stall was empty. I ran over to the man two stalls down from him.

“Do you know where he went?” I said, gesturing to the ‘Stitched Up’ stall.

“He’s new here. I’ve never seen him before,” he said, shaking his head. “He packed up and left quite quickly. Are you alright Miss?”

“What have I done?” I said, biting my lip.

“You know, come to think of it, Ali from the burger van was talking last week about someone who mends vintage clothing,” he said, rubbing his chin.

I looked over to where he was pointing but the burger van was gone.

“What did he say about him?”

“He said there had been complaints about a guy who claimed to mend designer clothes, but disappeared with both the clothes and the deposits left for them.”

There was only one thing left to do. I took out my mobile and phoned the police, giving a perfect description of him and telling them that he was trying to sell me, what I believed to be, stolen goods. One item was a brown, suede designer jacket, the other was a diamond and emerald bracelet. Both items looked similar to articles shown on last night’s crime programme apparently stolen from a local antique business.

I heard he was caught in a local hotel later that evening. Both the jacket and the bracelet were recovered. I smiled. I couldn’t have planned it better; that bracelet was becoming too hot to handle. Now I could get on with the business of selling the rest of the haul.



Serenity – My Idea of Heaven

I think the closest I’ve been to Serenity, is when my Philosophy Class and I visited Tuscany a few years ago. I’ll never forget the Independence House we lived in, in the hills near Lucca. It has to be one of the most peaceful, serene and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. The scenery from the hills was stunning, you could ‘hear’ the silence. In the morning we would meditate, then have breakfast. If you were an early bird, you could practice Yoga before the meditation, I didn’t quite make that but it was a lovely start to the day. We visited the ancient mountain village of Volterra, with it’s rustic beauty, San Gimignano an ancient medieval town (which bears a striking resemblance to the streets in the Pinnochio film), and the stunning towns of Lucca, Siena and Florence. As you can imagine, the warm October days spent in stunning cathedrals/museums left us

Serenity - A Glass of Red and this view - Ahh! Chillax :)

Serenity – A Glass of Red and this view – Ahh! Chillax 🙂 

over-awed and in just the right mood for savouring the local pasta’s and delectable wines.

In Lucca we attended a ‘mini’ Puccini concert with a taste of his most famous opera’s. It was truly amazing ❤

The days we spent in the Independence House and substantial gardens were magical.Every day at mid-day the Cathedral bell would ring. A single peal at intervals for a couple of minutes reverberated through the town and surrounding hills. I remember sitting in the garden, looking out over rolling hills and cypress trees and thinking; if ever I imagined what heaven would be like – this must be pretty close to it. Ah Serenity at it’s best!

Oh and the Ice-Cream was amazing too! 🙂


Blogging 101 – I’m taking the challenge!

I’m beginning 2015 with the challenge of learning to blog. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years but always found excuses to put it off – but 2015 is going to be different! No more procrastination, this is the year for getting things done – grabbing the bull by the horns – facing up to challenges and so on…

I decided to start a blog because I love to write (blog posts, short stories, articles, jokes, philosophising about life in general and generally just having a good old chat with everyone else who shares my love of words written or otherwise.

I would also like feedback on any posts, stories I write etc. I love exploring old churches, ruins, historical places especially ones with eerie going ons, you know, like the White Lady, The Headless Horseman and such – although I really don’t want to meet any of them in person. Just being told the fable about them is all I want really.

I love stories; reading, writing, telling and hearing them. At the moment I write short stories and have had one published in The Weekly News and a couple in some anthologies. Hopefully I’ll do a lot more this year and maybe even start on that novella I’ve been promising myself.

Also I want to have my blog up and running with loads of followers; other people who stop by for a read and a chat. I’ve taken the Blogging 101 challenge to learn how to blog regularly, instead of the once/twice a year I was doing until now.

Can’t wait to learn all there is to learn about blogging and I thank you all in advance 🙂


Hello world!

I set this blog up 6 years ago, but didn’t know what I wanted to write about or even the slightest thing about blogging. I would write a little post, then not know what to do with it. Eventually I clicked and set about writing a couple of posts. Everyone spoke about ‘writing in their blog’ and ‘putting up new posts’ but the lingo went right over my head. I think fear of doing something wrong, like deleting the whole thing, stopped me doing anything. That’s when ‘The Daily Post, blogging 101’ caught my eye. I followed the Daily Posts – but couldn’t quite bring myself to try all the helpful tips they gave me – to my mind it sounded so easy – and somehow I couldn’t believe that it would be so simple. I had a lot going on in my life and couldn’t commit to the time I thought it would need. Now 6 years on I’ve completed the first week of Blogging 101 and it’s amazing – I actually am finding my way round my blog – and I’ve got a few posts too. And I’m enjoying myself so much too, meeting the 101 blogging community where lots of newbie bloggers are finding their way and I’m not alone. It’ll be interesting to see how this blog looks by the end of this year. I’m hoping its got quite a few posts on it and looking pretty darn nice. Anyway, welcome to all and sundry who wander into my blog and have a look around, hope you enjoy it. Thanks 🙂

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