These foolish things…

There I was going through life at a nice easy pace, even stealing a minute to observe the hail/wind/rain/snow/freezing ice and feeling soooo chilled, thinking yeah 2015’s gonna be a calm dude:) no sooner had the thought surfaced when…wham! It all went bottoms up! I mean, literally. I pulled on my winter coat and boots, left the house and skidded all the way down our street on a giant conveyer belt type of black ice. I saw a neighbour watching me from her window with a look of utter surprise on her face, as I did a pathetic sequence of a cross between the Riverdance and Fred Astaire kicks, as I battled to keep my balance. I did the whole shebang, forward kicks, slide, sideways kicks, slide and the rapid backward kicks before the bonnet of a Ford Fiesta broke my fall. Luckily it was parked and no-one was in it. Phew! My pride intact, I peeled my cheeks (?) off the frozen windscreen, and turned and gave the neighbour a little giggle and wave, as if I’d done it purely for the entertainment factor. She gave me a pitiful look, the same look she gave me a couple of weeks ago, when I was waiting for a bus and being a great believer in using every minute constructively, I reached into my bag and taking out my lippy I swished it around my lips. When I looked up she was staring at me, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. I thought she was seriously impressed at my ability to apply lippy without a mirror, but then I felt my lips sticking together and they tasted vile. I tried to rub them with a tissue and soon I had bits of fluff and tissue stuck to my lips. Reaching into my bag I looked for the lipstick and found I’d actually applied my …Pritt (glue) stick! Yeeuch!

STOP PRESS** Some good news: I have been nominated for a couple of Awards, which I will try and complete along with my assignments over the next few days and thank you to all who nominated me.

I’ll leave you with a little thought: Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow! Mark Twain 🙂

Say Hello To The Neighbours – I’ve been visiting!!

Yesterday’s challenge was to visit our blogging neighbours and boy what a day I had. I’ve been all over the world (in blogs, of course). There are so many incredible blogs out there, I’m having myself a ball. But I can’t just write four of them, so I’m going to add another one or two to them.

I think this has been a very important assignment, encouraging people to comment on other blogs, which is really what every blogger needs, it can get kinda lonely out there in blogosphere, so I loved putting on my Sunday coat, hat and gloves and stopping off at my blogging neighbours for a chinwag. Some were making the most delicious food, others were whizzing up amazing smoothies, some wrote poetry that brought a little tear to my eye, some told happy stories and some painted the most prettiest paintings of cute Cows (moo, moos to you), in fabulous watercolours. Yet others philosophised about life in general or even told stories about their day to day lives. I’ve been enriched and it’s encouraged me to visit more often – so watch out I could be dropping in to your place for a good old fashioned blether (chat)!! Have a great day 🙂

Here are the amazing blogs I visited and had a chinwag with:

Assignment 3 – Saying Hello to the Neighbours – Blogging 101

I thought this would be a difficult task but it’s been a fruitful one. There are so many clever blogs out there, I’ve spent nearly all day reading them, and made quite a few comments and followed 5 or more, so I’m pleased with myself.

I’ve learned so much from people’s blogs too. I’ve seen super healthy recipe’s, learned when it’s ok to use adjectives/adverbs, read about the reject letters that famous, successful writers got when they tried to get published (this inspired me to keep trying), reviews on super new makeup’s, laughed out loud at some fun posts and just reading other bloggers posts for today’s Blogging 101 assignment.

Although it’s late I have to catch up with all the chores I didn’t get done today – seriously if I could afford a cleaner, I would be reading, commenting and blogging all day. I wonder if that’s an acceptable goal for the future? Hmm…possibility if I win the lottery! Or become a best selling author, or write that chart topping song…

I’ve had a great time and I’ve gained some followers and recieved some comments – all of which are very welcome indeed. I’m enjoying the assignments for Blogging 101 and feel, at last, I’m learning about blogging.

Good luck to everyone doing the 101.

Here is link for Assignment 3:

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